Handmade with Love

Handmade gifts of love from my heart. Unique handmade gifts for Baby Showers, Wedding Favours and Corporate gifts and giveaways. My passion is to bring you natural, homemade gifts created with natural, raw and Organic ingredients where possible, without any nasty chemicals.

From novelty handmade soaps to ebooks with recipes and tutorials, you will find goodies and gifts that are not only good for your body but also great for your soul and the environment.

Handmade with Love is about keeping age old traditions alive, teaching our younger generation to create with their hearts and mind and igniting passion by simple skills. I am passionate about teaching our kids the beautiful art of handmade.

I started Handmadewithlove.nz to inspire people to look at everything they use on their skin and eat and to encourage them to be able to make soap, beauty and skincare products for themselves. I also do classes in handmade soap and skincare.Buy-handmade

Would you like to strengthen your immune system? Reduce and eliminate inflammation? Would you like to reduce weight, detox your organs, lower your cholesterol, correct Thyroid imbalances, shrink your varicose veins, reduce high blood pressure and soothe your digestive diseases?

All these secrets can be found in this book. This book will change yours and your familys’ health and well being. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have these secrets and knowledge at hand and to pass these age old remedies on to our children and grandchildren? READ THIS BOOK NOW!

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I love bees! ….and honey of course! Well If you are interested in doing a course on Bee Keeping I would highly recommend The Bee Hive in Drury, Auckland. Greg is an amazing teacher and you get a wealth of knowledge and hands on practical hive time.

bee keeking


Chiristmas is my most favourite time of the year. The food is abundant and as are the treats! But that does not mean you can’t have some awesome Christmas treats – especially PAVLOVA. This recipe is super easy to put together….yes…about 10 minutes!!! Sugar free. Gluten free! ….and super […]


Keto! It’s all the buzz now! Well I have jumped on the band wagon! I have personally lot 7kg in the last few months and I am loving it! I am a huge sweet tooth! I love cake! Period! I can’t imagine that I actually lived on chocolate […]

Raw fish salad

Ceviche or Raw Fish Salad as we call it here in New Zealand. It is an ‘island’ dish of fresh raw fish marinated in Lemon juice and Coconut cream. To this is added salad veg of your choice. This is perfect for the KETO lifestyle as it contains […]


Cake is one thing I can’t live without! I am not a fan of diets as I feel there are not enough good things for me to eat and I know I would soon lose interest. But when I found that on Keto, I could still have all my […]

Turmeric Latte

I have been on the Keto lifestyle for a few weeks now…and I am on a mission to find substitutes for all my favourite treats. This warming drink is so good for you… Turmeric – the powerhouse of healing! This little root has been used in ancient times to heal […]

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Chocolate is one thing I can’t live without! I am not a fan of diets as I feel there are not enough good things for me to eat and I know I would soon lose interest. But when I found that on Keto, I could still have all […]

DIY Face Spritzer

This face mist is so refreshing and super so easy to make. You can also customise it to create one for relaxation before bedtime by adding Lavender essential oil. Ingredients (Makes 1 bottle) Rose Water – 25g Aloe Vera Gel – 15g Glycerine – 2g Evening Primrose Oil […]

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Handmade gifts from the heart! There is no price you can put on them! They bring joy to both the maker and the receiver….and they are gifts that keep on giving. If you are lucky to be close to a neighbour that keeps Bees, you can get an […]

Bath Jelly Soaps

Cute Bath Soap Jellies These Soap Jellies are all the craze right now! They are beautiful and jiggly! ….and super fun for kids. They are also pretty easy to make. Ingredients: 1 ½ cup clear Bath gel / Bath wash 5 Tbsp of unflavoured Gellatine* *(Use Agar Agar […]


These gorgeous Black Currents were picked from our good friend’s garden. I was so excited to make this versatile jam/preserve. Enjoy with cheese, on buttered toast or with cream on a Pavlova. You can also use it in a tart. So easy and delicious! Gift or enjoy! A ‘must have’ […]



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