Soap: Pure Milk Soap

Pure Milk Soap

This is an all natural soap made entirely of Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil. Super luxurious and skin moisturizing.

Ingredients: (Makes 10 bars)

Distilled Water – 150 g
Lye (NaOH) – 84 g
Coconut Oil – 500 g
Coconut Milk Powder – 40 g
Fragrance Oil: Coconut
Make sure to take the safety precautions when making soap and handling Lye.

Create the soap:

Measure out Water & Lye. Pour Lye into water – mix well and set aside to cool. 

Measure out oils – heat oils and set aside to cool.

Measure out milk powder and fragrance oil. Add in a little warm oils and make a paste – set aside.

When the Lye solution and the oils have cooled to 40°C, mix together. Blitz to light trace. Add the milk paste. Blitz to trace.
Pour into molds. Leave to set overnight. Demold after 24 hours. Set aside to cure for 4-6 weeks. Ready for use – indulge.