Soap: Milk & Cookies Soap

Milk & Cookies Handmade Soap (OMG I’m just bursting with love right now…) 

How cute are these? Who wouldn’t love these?? Perfect gifts for baby showers or kids party giveaways. The soap is gorgeous skin loving Milk soap and the cookies are made from Soap Dough. For my recipe for Soap Dough – click here… 

Soap Dough (½ cup Liquid Soap + ½ cup Corn Starch + 1tsp Olive Oil)
By the way – any liquid soap will do. Bath wash is best. I used re-batched soap however (1 cup soap scraps + 4 cups water)
To make the cookies, I added Cocoa powder to the soap dough to make the chocolate chips. Then I added just a touch of Cocoa to white soap dough to create the cookie dough. Mold the cookie and press on the Chocolate chips. Cut the cookies in half. Leave to dry. 

Milk Soap (small batch)
Small styrofoam cups or paper cups or shot glass molds (makes about 6 soaps)    



Distilled Water – 126 g
Lye – 72 g
Coconut Oil – 400 g
Olive Oil – 50 g
Coconut Milk Powder – 30 g
Flavour oil: You can use any LorAnn flavour (Banana Cream, Cheesecake or Pecan) I just used Vanilla. Most of the time, your soap will have a pre-existing flavour)
Make sure to take the safety precautions when making soap and handling Lye.

Create the soap:

Measure out Water & Lye. Pour Lye into water – mix well and set aside to cool. 

Measure out oils – heat oils and set aside to cool.

Measure out milk powder and flavour oil. Add in a little warm oils and make a paste – set aside.

When the Lye solution and the oils have cooled to 40°C, mix together. Blitz to light trace. Add the milk paste. Blitz to trace.
Pour into cups/molds. When the soap if slightly set, add the half cookie on top. Leave to set overnight. Demold after 24 hours. Set aside to cure for 4-6 weeks. Ready for use – indulge.