Bath: Bubble Bath Truffles

Candy Bath Truffles

These delicious looking Bath Truffles are so easy to make. They make the most gorgeous bubbles and also contain skin softening Cocoa butter, Coconut Oil & Olive Oil.

Ingredients: (Makes 8 truffles)

1 ¼ cup SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetat)

1 cup baking soda

½ cup Epsom Salts (fine)

 cup Corn starch

20g Coconut Oil (melted)

20g Cocoa Butter (melted)

10g Olive Oil

 cup glycerine

Essential oil & Fragrance: your choice (I used Strawberry and Peppermint)

Food colouring: Edible food colour – Pink (Gel food colours are preferred as they don’t add too much liquid content to the recipe.)

SLSA: Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetat is a white powder and is the main ingredient to make Bubble bath truffles. It is where the ‘bubbles’ come from.

Just a note when using SLSA: SLSA is a powder that sends up clouds of dust particles that can chock you. It is recommended to wear a dust mask when handling SLSA. When measuring out SLSA, ensure that it is placed very gently into the bowl. The same applies when mixing it. Gloves must be worn.

Measure out all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Wear gloves. Very slowly mix the dry ingredients together.

Melt the oils. Add the melted oils and the fragrance oils to the dry ingredients. Mix well until the mixture comes together and looks like cookie dough.

Divide the dough in half. Colour one lot pink. Take a large piece of baking paper. Spread out one part on the baking paper. Press it down. Lay the other colour as another layer over the first layer. Roll up the layers like a sushi roll. Cut neat slices.

Set aside to cool, dry and harden slightly. Once they are dry, pack or use straight away. Indulge.

To use: Crumble and hold a Bubble Bath Truffle under a running tap in a warm bath to create a bubble bath.

They make gorgeous gifts for Baby Showers, Wedding Favours and Mother’s Day…a great gift for the lady who has everything!

Comes wrapped in cello.