Dark chocolate  = Heaven in a bite! The story of chocolate begins with a tree, a small tree of the tropical understory. In 1735 Linnaeus designated this tree Theobroma cacao, a scientific name that handily links two ancient cultures a world apart. Theobroma, the genus name, is from the […]

This Chocolate cake is so rich and moist, you will never believe it contains NO eggs, butter or milk! It also whips up in no time – I love that!!! Ingredients (Makes 1 x 8 inch cake) 1 ½ cup All-Purpose flour – sifted ¼ cup Cocoa Sugar […]

Raw Cacao is so good for you…and delicious married with fresh Cacao butter and raw Honey! If you want to go Vegan, use Agave Nectar instead. Here are some of the benefits of Cacao. Cacao has 40 Times the Antioxidants of Blueberries! It is the highest plant-based source of […]