Handmade gifts: Limoncello

Homemade Limoncello is the perfect gift to gift during the holiday season. Limoncello

My trees are bursting with gorgeous orbs of sunshine at the moment and this is a great way to put my plentiful harvest to great use. I absolutely love giving handmade gifts at every occasion.


6 large unwaxed Lemons

300g white Sugar

150mls water

6 Cloves (optional)

700mls good quality Vodka

½ tsp Citric Acid

1 clean sterilised 2litre Jar

You will also need pretty bottles to gift your prepared Limoncello in.


– Wash and dry the Lemons

– Remove the zest in fine strips using a vegetable peeler

– Squeeze the juice from the lemons and set aside

– Place the zest, cloves, water and sugar in a saucepan

– Bring to a boil stirring occasionally until the sugar is melted

– Simmer gently for 10 minutes

– Add the lemon juice and further simmer gently for 5 minutes

– Add the Citric acid. Stir

– Remove from the heat and set aside to cool


– In a large preserving jar, pour in the Vodka and the lemon syrup

– Mix, secure the lid & set aside in a cool, dark place for 1 week

– Shake the jar daily

– After a week, strain off the Lemon zest & decant the Limoncello into a pretty bottle. Tag and gift.

Enjoy chilled