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Ana Carolina is GOING HOME!!! Please help the family settle in!


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After more than 5 years in a hospital bed at Star Ship Children’s hospital, little Ana Carolina is finally going home on her 6th birthday!
We have been looking forward to this day for a very long time! 5 YEARS TO BE EXACT!
I am raising money to help her and her family have a “Welcome HOME” party and get them set up with a few small requirements to settle into their new home. They need a lot of basics plus some very important big items to set up when she arrives from hospital!
Please help me give Ana Carolina a BIG welcome home.

We are having a HOME themed party. Ana Carolina and her family have had their world ripped from them when she was only 6 months old and since then they have lived for over 5 years in an ‘alien’ world of hospitals! They have not had a chance to be a family and do any ‘normal’ things like even have a meal together. But after years of volleying for her to be stationed at HOME, we finally have this opportunity! Your help will be greatly appreciated!

We each take up a cause to do our little bit in life. THIS is my cause! I have been working alongside this family right from Ana Carolina’s 1st birthday! It’s been 5 years …watching this family go through enormous struggles has been heartbreaking! When I think of all life’s basics that we take for granted, it makes me sad that 1 family can have soooo many challenges! This is my plea to help ease just a little bit for them to have 1 normal day a year! I think they deserve it!